Green Policy

Our environmental impact is a primary concern to Tiffin Metal Products Co. We recognize the importance of sustainability and do our part in setting standards that help prevent a negative impact on our planet. We strive to develop business practices that are environmentally friendly and implement sound policies promoting conservation in the development of new processes and in daily operations.

Tiffin Metal endeavors to demonstrate that even small businesses, through staff training and interaction with vendors and customers, can work together intelligently and successfully to improve the environment while continuing to be profitable. As more green technology becomes available, Tiffin Metal intends to continue its pursuit of environmentally friendly ways of conducting business.

The following are some of the actions we have taken to help broaden our green footprint. These are a good start as we continuously take advantage of new technologies and incorporate them into our day-to-day actions.

Recycled Content

Tiffin Metal Products makes every effort to purchase raw materials containing recycled content. Cold rolled steel, the major raw material purchased by Tiffin Metal, contains an average minimum of 30% recycled content.

Energy & Material Consumption Reduction

Tiffin Metal Products has taken major steps toward the creation of a green, sustainable environment:

  • Invested $65,000 for second lighting conversion to 265 energy efficient fixtures (Phillip’s 6 bulbs T8 fluorescent), reducing energy usage by 309,000 KWH per year and decreasing CO2 emissions by 464,000 pounds per year.
  • Installed new Nordson Powder Coating System, reducing overall powder usage by 30%.
  • Reduced natural gas consumption by redesigning the powder-coat oven to operate at a 20% decrease in temperature.
  • Entered into a voluntary electricity curtailment program with ENOC to reduce demand for all customers.
  • Changed packing on manufactured products to eliminate redundant packing materials.
  • Work with suppliers who also have green practices in place, as well as give preference to vendors in close proximity to reduce fuel required for delivery of goods.
  • Customer mailings have been reduced by sending bulletins in Constant Contact.
  • New energy-efficient windows were installed throughout the plant to replace the old single-pane windows.
  • Installed skylights to eliminate the need for extra light during day shifts.
  • Insulated the plant, as well as sealed and sided it with aluminum, eliminating the need to paint while simultaneously cutting down the heat exchange from the original brick.

Manufacturing Process

100% of our painted components are powder coated.

Product Recycling

Ninety – 95% of the content in our products can be recycled, reducing the impact of our products on the environment.

Recycling Practices

Tiffin Metal consciously recycles all of the following products:

  • Scrap metals, paper, plastics and aluminum cans
  • Printer ink cartridges
  • Batteries
  • Mobile phones – donated to local charities
  • The majority of Tiffin Metal printed materials are produced on recycled paper using soy-based printing


Tiffin Metal encourages our employees to identify new green practices to implement and share with our customer base in a constant effort to broaden our positive environmental impact.

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