Tiffin Today

We have three major proprietary product lines today:

Being a rather unique, short to medium or long run, light sheet metal fabrication shop, we use lean production run techniques and strive for repeat runs of the same product which makes us different from the normal sheet metal job shop. In addition to the main product lines, we have over the years made various specialty items such as sortation trays and spiral chutes & slides for automated storage & retrieval conveyor systems, hotel room safes, rifle lockers and other security products, cabinets for computer controlled parts and/or tool distribution as a prime Contractor, we have built millions of fenceposts for the US Department of Defense. Items manufactured by Tiffin Metal Products Co. are sold worldwide.

Our marketing means vary with the type of products we manufacture. Many of our products are sold through an in house sales force with others marketed through sales employees around the country, dealer reps and wholesale distributors.

The years of 2001 and 2002 have seen the Company and Willard P. Heddles its CEO & Owner recognized by several groups for progress and success. In 2001, Mr. Heddles received the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Business Leadership. Later in the year the Company was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Seneca Industrial and Economic Development group. In 2002, we received the Partners in Progress Award from the Toledo based Regional Growth Partnership.

While it has been nice to be recognized for the corporate and personal achievement of the Company and its leadership, we know our survival into the new millennium will be through continuing adaptability to the changing needs of our customers and times and we will continue this philosophy in the future.