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Tiffin Metal Products Co.TM serves multiple markets including store fixtures, material handling, government projects, outdoor billboards, museums, wholesale and retail distribution, law enforcement facilities, colleges and amusement parks.


Tiffin Metal Products Co.TM works with a wide range of materials which include hot/cold rolled steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Laser Machine – Two Mazak 4′ x 8′ lasers cut up to 10 GA thickness in stainless, 1/2″ in mild steel. The machine also features a 6-shelf storage tower. Each shelf can handle up to 2.2 tons of steel for automatic loading/unloading to reduce floor space and allows 24-hr operation. Oxygen- or nitrogen-assisted cutting is available. Larger sizes can be outsourced to local contractors.
Presses (Brake/Punch) – Our numerous press brakes allow us to form parts up to 1/4″ thick – dependent on tooling requirements. (1) Trumpf TruBend 7036 Automated Press Brake (2) Salvagnini Former (3) RAS GigaBend, 3 machines: 2-13′, 1-10′ (4) Gasparini 10′ (5) Amada RG3512 4′ (6) 200-ton 16′ Atlantic brake (7) 225-ton Chicago press (8) 100-ton 13′ Amada brake (9) 135-ton 14′ Atlantic brake (10) 80-ton 10′ Sturdy Bender brake, stroke 4″ (11) 60-ton Verson Press Brake 10′ (12) 71-ton Minster OBI press bed 24″x36″, stroke 3-1/2″ (13) 60-ton Federal OBI press bed area 33″x25-1/2″, stroke 4″ (14) 60-ton Cleveland OBI press bed area 32″x22″, stroke 3-1/2″

Roll Formers – (1) Ardcor, capacity is 95 foot/minute (2) Lockformer, capacity .055 (3) Donahue 3-roll, 4″ rolls, 74″ in length (4) Yoder power roller

Shears/Cutting Equipment – We can cut a maximum thickness of 1/4″ mild steel sheets up to 16′ long. (1) Amada 10′ shear, 3/16″ capacity, throat 39″ (2) Chicago 16′ shear, 1/4″ capacity, 192″ bed (3) Dehnco 6′ carpet cutter, 3/16″ capacity (4) Pexto power shear, 16 GA capacity (5) Stamco under driven power shear, 10 GA capacity
CNC Turret Press – Finn Power – max width 50″, max length 166″, up to 10 GA mild steel

Welders/Welding Equipment – Tiffin Metal Products Co.TM has a wide range of welding equipment including a robotic welder for large runs. This list includes spot welders (9),a multi-head spot welder, arc welders (3), wire welders (2), oxyacetylene torches, mig welders (6), heli welder, air plasma cutting torches, plasma arc cutting system, and stainless steel weld cleaner.

Fastening Systems – Pem-inserter gives us the capability to attach nuts and threaded rods from #8-32 to 1/4″-20 thread sizes.

Finishing – Includes a Nordson Color Max powder paint booth and a Devilbliss wet paint booth. Maximum part sizes: 14′ long, 72″ tall, 39″ wide.

Assembly/Packing/Inspection – Tiffin Metal Products Co.TM offers total assembly of product, which includes design of the product, packaging, testing, bar coding, date coding, serialization, documentation, and warehousing if required.

Tiffin Metal Products Co. produces numerous custom parts to fit your needs. Our highlighted custom products include:

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