Gravity Chutes

Tiffin Metal Products is proud to present the SST Gravity Chute. This revolutionary product addresses many of the problems system integrators have with conventional gravity chutes. This is a new option for steel and fiberglass chutes!

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U.S. Patent #8733529

  • Low coefficient of friction results in increased package throughput
  • Silicone-treated material throughout each panel gives excellent lubricity
  • Abrasive and corrosion resistant material keeps wet or damp products from sticking
  • Eliminates the need to lubricate or wax chutes – no more “pole people” required on humid days
  • Multiple types of UHMW material are available to control flow speed
  • Chutes are configurable – no restraints on width, side-guard height and pitch
  • Chutes can be designed to accommodate specific package sizes and weights

Tiffin Metal Products also fabricates traditional metal chutes in various configurations, straight and spiral with flat or concave bottoms. We work closely with your design team to develop transition chutes, bins and other accessory components to complement the overall project.

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